A mysterious mountain of a man in the most advanced armor on earth. The name says it all.

The 1st SFH 2 character that is unlocked.He still got his nice big ol' health perk.But now his armor gets heavy like a mountain that at building falls he is very dreadful.It is best to give him a Shotgun


5 Tower


Age: ??

Origin: Unknown

Flaw: Heavy Weight (Falling off buildings causes 2x the damage.)

Perk 1: Hardened (+15% additional health.)

Perk 2: Linebacker (Running through enemies won't slow you down.)


"Bump into enemies" is the mission to perk.Now the results are worthful.Unstoppable when running but when falling he falls like a chipmunk.He is really vulnernable when falling off buildings.It seems like it reduces his health for 50%.....Just run to the enemies and they are nothing to him,but with the cost of losing health.


  • Although his name is Tower from SFH 2.His appearence is more closely to the Tank class from SFH 1.