Strike Force Heroes: Extraction Wiki

There are 6 items available for purchase using real life currency in the SFH:E Shop. They are:

Invincibility Pack

Uses: 3 x Invincibility Powers

Price: $0.99 for 3 uses

Description: Enable this power in game to become invincible for the rest of the stage! (Campaign Mode only)

Double Coin Hack

Uses: All Money Earned is Doubled

Price: $4.99

Description: Hack the game to receive double the coins from playing!

Mini Coin Pack

Uses: 1,000 Coins

Price: $0.99

Description: Need a slight boost? Look no further!

Small Coin Pack

Uses: 3,000 Coins + 500 Free!

Price: $2.99

Description: Need a slight-but-little-bit-more boost? Look no furtherer! [sic]

Medium Coin Pack

Uses: 5,000 Coins + 1,500 Free!

Price: $4.99

Description: Just the right amount... Or is it?

Large Coin Pack

Uses: 10,000 Coins + 7,000 Free!

Price: $9.99

Description: Gotta catch em all, and you just might!