Money doesn't matter to Mayday, she's out for revenge since Globex murdered her husband Jenkins .

Kind hearted woman that doesn't care about money but cares about her husband Jenkins but destructive to GlobeX. Seems like vengeance is the worst GlobeX case...

In SFH 3,she is the unique medic with one of the best perk.


9 Mayday


Age: 45

Origin: Sudan

Flaw: Modest (Can't see coins.)

Perk 1: Spray and Pray (+10% damage with SMGs.)

Perk 2: Money Magnet (Coins are drawn to you.)


Make your enemy Pray with your Spraying SMGs. Use the most powerful SMG which is the Vektor. And while you got that thing, money's spraying to Mayday with her secret Money magnet. Seems like money still matters to her.


  • "She is the husband of Jenkins."And you know who's Jenkins? Play SFH 1 to know him!
  • She returns in SFH 3 as a medic. Who knows why.