Strike Force Heroes: Extraction Wiki

There are 3 different maps in SFH:E: City, Favela, and Sub Base. During the campaign, the levels are spread across these three maps. They have been in the game since the first version and no more have been added since.

The terrain in each map is randomly generated each time you play, so you'll never be running across the same layout.


1 City.PNG

Description: A downtown metropolitan area of a major city.

Terrain: Business building rooftops, construction cranes (moving vertically), billboards, office floors

This is the most popular map in SFH:E. The iconic city background and billboards are present in this map.


2 Favela.PNG

Description: The famous favelas of Rio de Janeiro.

Terrain: Apartment building rooftops, abandoned warehouse rooftops, randomly placed dynamite

This map is a little different than the other two. There aren't any moving platforms; instead, there's dynamite. When running across a dynamite-loaded rooftop, small explosions will occur beneath the player's feet. If the player doesn't jump over the final stash of dynamite at the end of the rooftop, the stash will explode and launch the player high into the air. However, dynamite doesn't harm the player, but it does launch them a good distance. If timed incorrectly, it could send the player flying into the side of a building, thus incurring damage. However, this can be avoided by jumping over the stash of dynamite at the end of the rooftop, making the dynamite of no effect.

Sub Base

3 Sub Base.PNG

Description: An abandoned military base in a frozen wasteland.

Terrain: Base rooftops, base floors, pipes (moving vertically), mechanical ledges

Sub Base is modeled after the City map with it's moving pipes and rooftops. However, a new addition is the small platforms above the pipes. These platforms can pose a hazard if the player jumps and hits their sides, but it can also be a way to escape enemies on the pipes by jumping on top of the platforms.