Strike Force Heroes: Extraction Wiki

Intervene in your enemies' ability to not die with this high-powered rifle.

Intervention (Sniper Rifle)


Power: 78%

Fire Rate: 20%

Ammo: 7%

Range: 100%


For damage, using Jyn is better than Calamity. Use Calamity for better accuracy and 10% (only) plus damage. The Intervention can easily kill a heavy in a couple shots. But somehow it is just an upgraded Crossbow except the Fire rate and the Ammo.But in overall,Calamity is the best to use due to her +10%sniper damage and high accuracy .This gun is actually a default gun in SFH.😖


  • Back from SFH 2, this is Jyn's preferred weapon in SFH 2 and SFH:E.
  • The Intervention is actually the strongest Sniper Rifle in SFH 2, but it's damage in SFH:E has been lowered due to it being too OP.