"Sneaking" isn't in his vocabulary. Dex knows the way to any man's heart is with heavy firepower. A member of the Beta Squad Team.

Another one guy from SFH 2. Dex still uses his "original" vocabulary from SFH 2 being a tough guy. But now, he got even better things.


13 Dex


Age: 41

Origin: United States

Flaw: Rusty (-10% damage with all weapons.)

Perk 1: Bottomless (+20% more ammo.)

Perk 2: Rage (Up to +30% damage based on missing health.)


His strategy actually is displayed in one of the scenes before battle. Yep,take more damage, do more damage. His preferable weapon is the Machine gun types like in SFH 2 too...How come? 10% more ammo + Machine guns got high ammo supply = Destruction.


  • He is the third SFH 2 character to be unlocked
  • The Rage is actually the killstreak used by Dex in SFH 2 and instead of getting +30% damage,he gains 40% damage.
  • Remember that he betrayed the heroes team on SFH2.