Let off some steam with this rocket launcher that fires 3 rockets in rapid succession.

The Commando is a weapon available throughout the entire SFH series, appearing in SFH 1 and 2 and SFH:E. This weapon is very popular due to it ability to fire 4 rockets in rapid succession (in SFH 1) or shoot a 4 rocket burst (in SFH 2). However, in SFH:E, the number of rockets has been lowered down to 3 rockets.


33 Commando

Commando (Rocket Launcher)

Power: 50%

Fire Rate: 80%

Ammo: 4%

Range: 72%


The Commando may seem a bit weak, but its triple rocket salvo packs a powerful punch and is ideal for beating up Elite GlobeX.

It is recommended to be used by Dex when getting so much damage or Jyn with the 1st and 2nd Passive ability or Singe with all perks available.


  • In SFH series, both the Commando class (Riggs) and the Mercenary Class (Dex) use this weapon.