Strike Force Heroes: Extraction Wiki

In SFH:E there are a total of 20 characters to play as, each one having a unique set of abilities to play with in the game. As you progress through the game you may find one character more helpful than another, so it is important to try out new heroes along the way and unlock their perks.

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  1. Rookie
  2. Dutchess
  3. Ninja
  4. Pierre
  5. Tower
  6. Gulag
  7. Calamity
  8. Nathan
  9. Mayday
  10. Cate
  11. Singe
  12. Prey
  13. Dex
  14. Fatale
  15. Gekko
  16. Convict
  17. Jyn
  18. Anvil
  19. Juice
  20. Maicoo

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