Can shoot the crumbs off the whiskers of a mouse from 400 yards out. Needs reading glasses, though.

Looks like a male if you look at her.Actually it's a she.


7 Calamity


Age: 29

Origin: South Africa

Flaw: Easy Target (Enemies have 5% crit chance.)

Perk 1: Peekaboo (+10% damage with snipers.)

Perk 2: Trick Shot (Hit enemies, even when you miss!)


Preferred weapons for Calamity players are Sniper Rifles. But somehow it makes her slow firing time, but no enemies can escape her shots. Use RPX or the Crossbow for middle level players. If Rocketeers are messing around with you, Calamity will give them an unbearable accurate shot.


  • Calamity probably is better than Jyn because she never even miss a shot. Probably because Jyn has ADHD.